The Pop Baroque and Chinoiserie series are pictorial vernacular reconsidering rococo troupes and modernist strategies through the veneer of reductionist painting, data collecting, and abstract system of indexing. The paintings formal and psychological syntax invert the possibility of images as forensics or experiences. The robust influence of merchant trade from Asia through the Silk Road, and the Dutch East Indies Company, to today’s Google search machines, sublimates a geo-political aesthetic. I am interested in these information shifts, with the systems of technology, science, art and philosophy, blurring distinctions to a collective contemporary vessel; recreating additional signage of memes and themes. They are a celebratory, investigative visual opiate.

Carrier, oil on canvas, 87x67 inches, 2000-01. Private collection, St. Louis, MO.

Air Tide, oil on canvas, 48 x48 inches, 2008. Courtesy of JRB at the Elms, OK.

Suzerain, oil on canvas, 60x67 inches, 1999-2000. Private collection, MO.

Sconce, oil on canvas, 60x60 inches, 2005. Private collection, NE.

Sit, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, 2005.

Untitled With Birds, oil on canvas, 62x67 inches, . Collection of Brandes Investment, CA. Courtesy of Carole Laventhol., La Jolla, Ca.

Gabinetto, oil on canvas, 30x30 inches, 2009-10.

Magnolia/Middle, oil on canvas, 30x30 inches, 2005. Private collection, Germany.

The Apple Tree, oil on canvas, 48x 48 inches, 2005. Private Collection, KS.

The Water Slide, oil on canvas, 60x48 inches, 2001. Private collection, MO.

Cherry Smoke, oil on canvas, 36x2 inches, 2012.

Grande Esta, oil on canvas, 60x36 inches, 2012. Private collection.

Converse, oil on canvas, 40x40 inches, 2000. Private collection, CA. Courtesy of Carole Laventhal, La Jolla, CA.

Fecund, oil on canvas, 48x48 inches, 2003-08. Private collection.

Stream, oil on canvas, 48x36 inches, 2012. Private collection.

Road, oil on canvas, 60x60 inches, 2008. Courtesy of the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

One Waterfall, oil on canvas,  84x67 inches, 2005. Private collection, NE. Courtesy The Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE.

Chord, oil on canvas, 36x36 inches, 2004-09.

Astro, oil on canvas, 2010. Private collection, NM.

Potsdam Platz, oil on canvas, 30x30 inches, 2007. Courtesy of Milo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Esterhazy Palace Green, oil on canvas, 60x60 inches, 2014. Private collection.

Magnolia/Park Creek, oil on canvas, 30x30 inches, 2005. Private collection.

Pearl, oil on canvas, 48x60 inches, 2008. Courtesy of The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art.

Villa Como, oil on canvas,  65x52 inches, 2007. Private collection, MO. Courtesy of Byron Cohen Contemporary Art.

Blue Array, oil on canvas, 60x60 inches, 2011-2015.

Circle, oil on canvas, 30x30 inches, 2008. Private collection, MO.

High Tea, oil on canvas, 60x60 inches, 2001. Private collection, MO.

Wright, oil on canvas, 70x48 inches, 2012. Private collection.

De Villa, oil on canvas, 60x60 inches, 2005. Private collection, CA.

Lounge, oil on canvas, 48x48 inches, 2003. Private collection, CA.

Pallette, oil on canvas, 40x40 inches, 2004-10. Private collection, NY.

Weave, oil on canvas, 48x36 inches, 2010.

Nelson, oil on canvas, 48x48 inches, 2012-13. Private collection, NY.

Orion, oil on canvas, 40x40 inches, 2010. Courtesy of Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX.

Cherry Blue, oil on canvas, 36x24 inches, 2012. Private collection.