Rio Grande Gorge, Wild Rivers, oil on paper, 32x32", 2014. Private collection, NM.

Lake Genevieve, oil on paper, 74x35", 2014. 

Plum Tree Seattle, oil on paper, 32x36", 2016.

Plum Tree Seattle, oil on paper, 32x36", 2016.

Birthday Cake Fall, oil on paper, 30x40", . Omaha Hospital collection.

Canyon Wall Rio Grande, oil on paper, 29x41", 2016.

 Waterfall Spearfish, oil on paper, 29x41",

Esopus Creek, oil on paper, 22x30", 2015.

Pinon on Gorge Rim, oil on paper, 32x32", 2014.

Pinon On the Gorge Wild RIvers, oil on paper, 32x32", 2014. Private collection.

Rapid Creek Falls at Mystic, oil on paper, 30x40", 2013. Private collection.

Red Berry Cluster, oil on paper, 30x22", 2013. 

Cheyenne River (from Davidson Flats), oil on paper, 32x40", 2014. Private collection, NM 

Catskill Forest with Bear, oil on paper, 74x35", 2014. 

Cheyenne River Badlands, oil on paper, 12x16", 2012. 

Berry Bin II, oil on paper, 30x22", 2011. Private collection. 

Rio Grande Bosque, oil on paper, 30x22”, . Private collection, CA.

Northern Juniper on the Gorge, oil on paper, 32x40", 2012.

Cherry Cherry, oil on paper, 24x22", 2011. Private collection, NM. 

Rio Grande Gorge From the Rim, oil on paper, 32x32", 2012. Private collection, Santa Fe.

Name River, oil on paper, 12x14", 2012. 

Nambe Bluffs, oil on paper, 12x36", 2012. Private collection, NM.

Valley View Pools, CO, oil on paper, 30x38", 2011. Private collection, NM.

Cherry Peach II, oil on paper, 30x22", 2015.

Cherry Peach Side, oil on paper, 22.5x18.3", 2015. Courtesy of April Price Projects Gallery, Albuquerque, NM.

Nemo Forest, Black Hills, oil on paper, 74x35", 2014. 

Cherry Peach I, oil on paper, 22x30", 2015. Private collection.

Bear Creek, oil on paper, 22x28", 2015.

Orange Canyon, oil and pigment sticks on paper, 32x42", 2015

Cheyenne River Overlook, oil on paper, 30x42"2015. Private collection.

Bear Creek NY, JuneII, oil on paper, 24x22", 2015.

Cherry Berry IV, oil on paper, 30x22", 2014.

Rock Water Study, oil on paper, 12x16", 2009.

Nantuckett Bay 4, oil on paper, 16x16", 2006.

Turtle Dam, Uncle Bill's Land, oil on paper, 30x40". Private collection, MPLS.

Upstate NY, oil on paper, 18x24", . Private collection, NM.

Los Huertos / Two Stars Cochiti, oil on paper, 30x28", 2012.

Sky View in Rio Gorge, oil on paper, 30x40", 2015. Private collection, NM.

Nemo Aspens III, oil on paper, 30x22"2013. Private collection, NM.

Arroyo Honda, oil on paper, 32x32", 2013. Private collection.

Spearfish Canyon,SD, oil on paper, 30x40", 2015. Private collection.

Chichester NY, oil and pigment bars on paper, 2012. Private collection.

Red Rock Creek, oil paper, 29x41",

Bear Creek Fall, oil on paper, 30x22", 2012.

Tingley Beach, 35x34", 2015

Ojo Caliente River, oil on paper, 18x 22", 2013. 

Jemez Mountains, oil on paper, 30x40", 2014.

Eaton Canyon, CA, oil on paper, 32x40", 2009. Private collection, NM.

Juniper Ridge, oil on paper, 29x41", 2016.

Juniper and Pinon, oil on paper, 29x41", 2014.

Cascade Gorge, oil on paper, 29x41", 2016. Private collection.

Los Huertos, oil on paper, framed, 38x46", 2011. From the Overland Exhibition, Jewish Museum, Overland Park, KS.

Rio Taos Canyon, oil on paper, 20x28", 2014.

Bernheim Forest with Missouri River, oil on paper, 30x40", 2014.

Juniper in the Gorge (high Winds), oil on paper, 30x22", 2012. Private collection, Santa Fe.

Upstate NY, oil on paper, 22x30", 2008. KC collection. 

Missouri River, Parkville, MO, oil on paper, 30x40", 2011. Private collection.

Boulder Reservoir, oil on paper, 26x22", 2013. Private collection.

Black Hills Ponderosa, Pactola Lake, oil on paper, 30x22", 2011. 

Santa Fe Bridge, oil on paper, 30x22", 2012. Private collection, NJ. 

Los Huertos Pool, oil on paper, 30x30", 2011.

Nemo Pines, oil on paper, 22x24", 2014. Private collection, NM.

Badlands Peaks SD, oil on paper; 22x30", 2010. Private collection, SD.

Aspen’s III, oil on paper, 30x22", . Private Collection, AZ.

Wolf Lake diptych, oil on paper, 12x 36", 2012. Private collection, CA.