Recent Monoprints, 2014, include the series Wave Ripple, and Yellow and Blue Warp.

This upbeat series of mono-prints were inspired by two sources: the French Curve as a template and drawing tool; and the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco, an uncanny engineering feat experienced as a ‘joy ride’. These prints were made at Kala Institute in Berkeley, CA, May, 2007, in conjunction with a project for the San Jose Institute of Art, San Jose.

Note the lower selection of prints from an earlier series.


Plum on Yellow I, monoprint, 34.5” x 24.5", 2012.


Blue Green Warp 1, monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Blue Green Warp 3, monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Yellow Warp 3monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Yellow Warp 6, monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Race Strip Curve, monoprint, 32x40".


Double Curve, monoprint, 22x30".


Under Orange, monoprint, 22x22 inches


Grand Central, monoprint, 30x22 inches, 2008.


Lombard Curve I, monoprint, 18x20 inches. Private Collection, Berkeley, CA.


Yellow Drop Curve, monoprint, 22x22 inches.


Untitled with Blue II, monoprint, 30x22 inches.


Fall Bloom I, monoprint, 23.75x30 inches, 2004. Courtesy Mary McElwain, St. Louis, MO.



Plum on Yellow II, monoprint, 34.5” x 24.5", 2012.


Blue Green Warp 4, monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Yellow Warp 1monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Yellow Warp 4monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Wave Ripple I, monoprint, 48x36". Courtesy of Artist.


Wave Ripple III, monoprint, 48x36". Private Collection, NYC.


Black Curve, monoprint, 22x22"


Candy Strip Curve, monoprint, 22x22 inches


First French Curve, monoprint, 22x30 inches.


Smokey Curve, monoprint, 22x22 inches.


Untitled with Blue I, monoprint, 30x22 inches.


Branch IV, monoprint, 30x22 inches, 2003. Stowers Medical Research Collection.


Branch II, monoprint, 30x22 inches, 2003. The Hallmark Collection.

Blue Green Warp 2, monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Yellow Warp 2monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Yellow Warp 5monoprint, 44x30", 2014.


Wave Ripple II, monoprint, 48x36", . Private Collection, NYC.


Lombard Curve III, monoprint, 22x22". Private Collection, San Francisco, CA.



Strip Bloom I - IV, monoprint series, 30x22", 2001.


Blue Yellow Curve, monoprint, 18x22 inches.


Grey Curve French, monoprint, 32x40 inches.


Ocean Curve, monoprint, 18x22 inches


Untitled with Blue III, monoprint, 30x22 inches.


Branch, monoprint, 34.5x24.5 inches, 2003. Private Collection, NM.


Light Blossom, monoprint, 30x22 inches, 2005.