Cloud is an ongoing exploration of cultural memes as we experience nature, architecture and technology. The theme and title are twofold: an atmospheric form, made up of frozen crystal droplets as part of our earths' stratus; the other is a utility destination- a virtual repository of data for storage of digital files and backup memory folders; now a common-place term in our language vernacular. Cloud is a place of no place, encountering nature and technology through a virtual portal. Yet cloud forms bind us to the prevalence of nature, through reverie, through simply being outdoors.  “Place as no place” refers to where and how our modern culture lives in technology within our hand-held devices, navigating a compendium of time and space.
The oil painting, Cloud, 2011, is based on a series of photographs I shot of the iconic Apple store staircase at the 9th Ave and 14th Street, near my studio in New York City. I visited the mid-term locations as subject matter as well. From these photos I developed sketches, ink drawings and small oil studies. Cloud is made of up of a drawing with oil sticks, and thin layers of oil paint as skin moving across the robust marks of the harder and more dense oil stick, creating other stoppages and flow of oil passages. Attempting to contain a light airiness to the painting, in lieu of the highly designed, structured architectural form keeps the eye negating states of experience as nuance or spectacle. The bright green, elongated rectangles of oil stick paint were deliberately placed to shift the depth of field allowing the overall picture plane to recede and fall away from the thick marks of flat color. This added dimension to the oil painting heightens its sense of dislocation and mediated space.        November,  2011. edited 2016.

Cloud , oil on canvas, 60 x 48", 2011. Private collection, Omaha, NE.

Cloud, oil on canvas, 60 x 48", 2011.
Private collection, Omaha, NE.

Stairs Coil, oil on canvas, 60 x 48", 2013.

Birds With Apple, oil on canvas, 40 x 30", 2013. Private collection.

Arc, 3D Lenticular, 22x18", 2012. Edition of 10.

Hinge, oil on canvas, 48x36", 2013.
Courtesy Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston.

Stairs Up, oil on canvas, 60 x 48", 2014. Private collection, La Quinta, CA.

Stairs Ghost, 3D Lenticular Print, 42 x 32", 2013. Edition of 10

Arc, oil on canvas, 40x30", 2012.
Courtesy Sherry Leddy Contemporary Art, MO. 

Double Drunk, 3D Lenticular print, 22x18", 2012. Edition of 10.

Hotel, Apple Stair, 3D Lenticular print, 19 x 24", 2011. Edition of 10.

Tidal with Stairs, 3d Lenticular,  74 x 40", 2013. Private collection.

Stairs Descending Ghost, 3D Lenticular Print on SIntra,   42x32", 2014.

Stairs Descending Ghost, 3D Lenticular Print on SIntra, 42x32", 2014.

Siding, 3D Lenticular print, 22x18", 2012. Edition of 10.

Circle Koenig, oil on canvas, 60x48", 2009.

Pre Fab with Apple Staris , 3D Lenticular Print on Sintra, 28x22", 2012.

Pre Fab with Apple Staris, 3D Lenticular Print on Sintra, 28x22", 2012.