Utopia Garden, 201x92”, ink and acrylic on wall, 2015. Private Collection.


Schönbrunn Palace, ink drawing on wall, Gateway Projects, Newark Penn Station, 2014


Poly Eros Blue, sumi ink on print. Private collection.


Fragonard Room, ink on wall, Symbiotaxiplasm Exhibition, SS Projects, NY, 2012.


Prince Lautner Aspen Couch, ink, gouache on paper, 33x36", 2010.


Duomo with Scaffolding (Florence), ink on wall, 96x100”, Re-Material Exhibition, VA, 2014.

Conduit High Falls, oil stick on mylar, 2008.


Montage with Lautner, Prince, and Citrus, 20x18”, pigment print, 2016.


Duomo drawing on lenticular print, 48x33”, 2016.


Sea Anemone, sumi ink on paper, 30x42”, 2010.


Eros Deux, acrylic on pigment print, 17x21", 2011.

Drawing with Highline and Construction, Chelsea, 32x32", 2015


Eros Garden, acrylic on pigment print, 17x21", 2011.


Drawing with Chinoserie and Pods, 40x32", ink, graphite, acrylic on paper, 2014.


Sumi Tree, archival pigment print, 34x44” 2014.


The Fragonard Room, ink on wall, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA, 201.