Print Series: UNSUITABLE

In 2013 the writer and publisher Debra Di Blasi invited me to collaborate with one of her NY authors, Jane Rosenberg LaForge. Jane’s uncanny bifurcated memoir grabbed my attention. I loved Jane’s writing and the multiple layering of story, time and image. In Jane’s book, The Unsuitable Princess. The settings resonated with my ongoing interests in the re-mix and the mash-up.

I choose to situate various drawings and paintings into 3D lenticular print files that includediterations of the baroque, Ming, and other dynastic histories with references to modern architecture, kitsch, urbanity and nature. While the book displays the flat print version of the lenticular file construction, the works are published as 3D Lenticular print, hyperbolic medium activated by the viewer through an optical lens.

Unsuitable Princess, by Jane Rosenberg LaForge, published by Jaded Ibis Press, 

With 20 color plates by Mary Ann Strandell


Koenig West Wing, 3D lenticular print, 10x10", 2014-16.

California Retail with Games, 3D lenticular print, 12x8", 2014-16.

Goff House with Crush Princess, 3D lenticular print, 8x10", 2014-16.

Riding Dance size varies, 2014-16.

Terrace, size varies, 2014-16.

Joust Garden, size varies, 2014-16.

Puff Plant, 3D lenticular print on sintra, 10x10", 2014-16.

 Duo Metropolitan/Butterfly Bird, 3D Lenticular print, 16x20 and 32x 48”, 2014-16

Palace as Modern, size varies, 2014-16

Estherhazy with Orange, size varies, 2014-16.

Sevre with Porcelains and a Luncheonette, 3D lenticular print on sintra, 10x10", 2014-16.

Dwell Monkey, size varies, 2014-16.

Royal Bed Chairsize varies, 2014-16.

China Town, size varies, 2014-16.

Wave Sea Parade, 3D lenticular print, 10x10", 2014-16.

Palace as Modernesize varies, 2014-16.

Plaza, size varies, 2014-16.

Curved with Boucher, size varies, 2014-16.

Breath with Rose Parade, size varies, 2014-16.

Camp Trees, size varies, 2014-16.